Jette Virdi


Saying Goodbye

Jette Virdi, stylist based in Dublin hosts Floral Workshops with Arran ST East

It's always wonderful when a partnership works and it's always a little sad when the time has come to say goodbye. Over the past 4 months I've spent one Saturday morning with a group of ladies and taught them all my tips on blooms. We've made large bouquets, small bouquets, flower crowns, button holes and had a lot of fun. It's been a lovely way to spend a sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy morning. There have been mother and daughters, friends and strangers all coming together to learn and share and create. I want to say a really big thank you to Arran St East for letting me in and working together.

Jette Virdi, stylist based in Dublin teaches her Floral Workshop at Arran St East
Jette Virdi, stylist based in Dublin, teaches her Floral Workshop in Arran Street East
Jette Virdi, based in Dublin and London teaches a Floral Workshop

Images by the talented Alex Louviers.