Jette Virdi


Ok, I've cheated

It's pretty fair to say that I haven't been very good at sticking to my intolerance food list. I cheat. Not all the time but every now and again and it all started because I didn't feel the god damn glow I'd read about on the internet that "everyone" was talking about. It had been about 6 weeks in and I'd been strict as strict can be. Really being one of those anal idiots you see in restaurants (I should point out, I only feel like an anal idiot because I don't feel sick when I eat these foods I'm intolerant to so I feel like a fraud when I'm so fussy - I totally get that some people have to be anal and that's their prerogative). So, as I was saying. It got to week 6 and I hadn't lost weight, I most certainly didn't have "the glow" and well I was feeling really crappy actually. Not the crappy that all the toxins are exiting my body! The crappy as in, why the fuck (excuse my language) is nothing working??? 

It really hit me hard and got me feeling all sorts of depressed. So I ate a pizza with gluten and cheese and it was AMAZING. Like I've never tasted anything so good in my whole entire life. Good food is good food, but I also believe you can't compare good food to pizza. My coconut parmesan cheese and I do not have the same relationship as good old fashioned parmesan. Dark 72% does not, in my opinion, taste better than cadbury's milk chocolate. It tasted different and healthier, it doesn't taste better. I'm fed up and sick of health nuts trying to tell me that their food tastes even better than the "unhealthy" stuff. In my opinion it's all in moderation right? Well, when you wake up in a gluten coma with empty packets of crisps and pizza boxes surrounding you on the floor, I think it's safe to say I'm officially not good at moderation.

I picked myself up (quite literally) off the floor and took a long hard look at myself in the mirror. Made a list and a plan and then felt so drained I had to go take a nap. I kid you not!

It's now been 8 weeks or 2 out of the recommend 3 months and I'm starting from scratch. I'm determined to really go through it all without any of the stuff I'm intolerant too regardless of whether I feel happy or my weight doesn't drop or if I still feel the same. I have to give it a go because at the end of the day, maybe somewhere on the inside, where I can't really feel it, it will make a difference to my overall health. 

Several things that I've found are really REALLY helping me is Chromium for my sugar cravings and ginger seems to help me when I'm starving. Of course, I don't advocate just going and popping pills so if you're considering taking supplements I'd always speak to a herbalist first.

I've drawn up a really hand cheat sheet to help you (and me) stay on track for the next 3 months! Get it my signing up to my newsletter below and it will wing it's way to you.