Jette Virdi


Workshops in Alentejo

Workshop in Alentejo shot my Jette Virdi, photographer and stylist, based in London and Dublin

Last week I had one of those life changing moments when I joined 9 other girls to take part in one of Marta and Sandas Around The Table Workshops. Set in the province Alentejo in Portugal, we had the luck to stay in one of the Top 50 Hotels 2016/17 by Monocle. It was one of the most rewarding, inspiring and lovely 5 days I've spent and by far the BEST workshop I've taken (I'll be doing a little comparison of all those I've been on later) but for now, I'm trying to find the best words to describe exactly what happened in the deep countryside of Portugal.

Monsaraz in Portugal, shot by Jette Virdi, photographs and stylist based in London and Dublin

Marta and Sanda were wonderful and inspiring teachers, who were generous with their knowledge, time and were just so fun! The night before the workshop my computer went A-wall and crashed so I quickly had to learn all about my Canon Camera app which I officially love! However looking back now, all my pictures, which were all downloaded to my phone, have gone slightly blurry. I apologise! I promise, they look crystal on my phone. 

Octopus recipes shot by Jette Virdi, photographer and stylist based in London and Dublin

The ladies on the course, I shouldn't forget the chef Filipe (!), were absolutely amazing, kind, friendly and we have stayed in touch regularly which is so lovely. As a freelancer, it can be so lonely working day after day in my studio, by myself with only food to talk to, so it's just such a breath of fresh air when you get to hang out with amazingly talented people from all over the world who all get excited about food, pictures and creative things!

Styled by Marta and Sanda, shot by Jette Virdi, photographer and stylist based in Dublin and London