Jette Virdi


THE best snack

God don't you just love honeycomb. The look, the smell, the taste. The magic that is the bees and how they make it! It's such a beautiful reminder of how wonderful and amazing nature is.  Honey in jar form does absolutely nothing for me but give me honeycomb....I'm all yours baby.

I made these crackers a while ago and while I am 99% happy I'm not going to share it yet. It is a deep rich mix of teff, cumin and salt. It's truly bloody awesome and with the sweet waxy honey and the nutty flavour of the pecans and the blood oranges. HOLY MOLY. This is my jam. I've found it, the mother-load.

Now if you can eat cheese, go right ahead and spread some Cashel cheese or maybe some gubbeen. God I'm jealous right now.