Jette Virdi


Purple Cabbage Saurkraut

I have all the feels at the moment. This food intolerance thing has got me 100% bummed when I go out and 100% excited when I stay in. I am in the cooking zone, my mind spinning with ideas for recipes, for all the people who have been in touch with me saying "help!". I can't believe how many people have food intolerances...and I want to keep on finding out. If you have food issues, tell me please. I want to know if and how I can make your life in the kitchen easier.

This recipe is really great, easy and great for your tummy. Gut bacteria is awesome! (I say that with a sing song in my voice). I can't get enough of fermentation and knowing that it's helping get my tummy in the right shape to get my hormones in check, my skin normal and clear and hopefully my body to have a baby. It's so exciting!

I'd bought this cabbage quite a while ago and it just kept looking at me, shouting "pick me pick me" from my vegetable basket. I didn't, on numerous occasions and then when I was running out of my other sauerkraut I thought "this is what I've been waiting for" and hey presto. More sauerkraut was made.


1 head of purple cabbage (can be white too) chopped finely

cloves of garlic

fresh turmeric


Over the chopped cabbage, sprinkle 1tbsp salt over the top and massage for about 5minutes. Get  your hands dirty, in there, mix it all around. Leave for around 2 hours (more is fine don't worry). Pack tightly into a jar that you can seal. I made layers with cabbage, turmeric and garlic, cabbage, turmeric and garlic. Leave for a week and then taste it. If you like start eating, if it needs more, leave it longer.