Jette Virdi


How to best serve your clients

Let's talk about your client base for a moment shall we. How do you know your clients are happy? I mean yeah, most write to you to say "YAY, thank you" or they might just go ahead and book you again and again, but what about the ones who slip through. The one-offs? Why do you think they didn't come back to you? Money, time, services, need? What if you could guarantee each and every client the very same service so that every single client ALWAYS came back to you?

Maybe you already do that? And if you do, WELL DONE YOU! Below are my top tips on how to make sure each and every client is best served by you.

1) Create email templates. This one is free and the easiest. Create 4 templates: one to say hello, thank you for getting in touch with me, these are my services and these are my rates etc etc. The second is a form of contract, what your client can expect, what your terms are etc that you send once they've booked you. The third is a thank you email for their custom and the final is a follow up a month after the job is completed just to check in, remind them that you're there and that you're awesome!

2) If you have a blog, post about what's involved in your job and what clients can expect when they hire you. This will help anyone who thinks they need you but isn't really sure what you do. I mean who knows what a creative content creator is. They could do anything! Take me for example...what does a food stylist actually do? Do you know though that I'm  in charge of sourcing all the food for a shoot or even that I generally decide what shots/recipes we shoot? No, well by me writing an blog post will help you to know before you even get in touch with me.

3) Make sure you are clear from the beginning about your rules. This was a REALLY tough one for me to get used to. I love my job so when an email comes through at 10pm I can't help but automatically jump to it. T has made me stop and helped me to get under control but the bad thing is those clients that I started with still expect me to jump to it no matter what time because I had started my relationship with them in that way. So, make your rules stick from the start. If an email comes through at 7pm decide is it appropriate hours or are you going to wait until the morning. Don't waver on this, stick to your guns. It will help your clients in the long run and trust me, they will 100% get used to YOUR working hours.

4) Make sure that your terms are laid out from the beginning. Let's take me again, I clearly tell clients the number of shots we can do in a day just so they're not expecting me to take 25 shots rather and I'm unable to do that. I clearly tell my clients my role in the shoot so that they're not surprised when I don't do something and then they don't feel like I've done them injustice. It's very important to make sure your client is fully aware of what your role is in the job. Miscommunication is one of the MOST common for clients not returning. 

Give these bad boys a start and see your role becoming clearer and your clients coming back.