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Tuesday is my hump day......

Those who know me, know I LOVE a glass of wine. Red with ice cubes (yes, it's a thing where I grew up), rose with chicken and white with meat. I'm all good to mix it up although I have one teeny tiny problem. Okay, two. The first is I can never, ever, ever remember what wine I actually like and the second is that I find it really hard to differentiate between wines. For a foodie, and I'm being beyond honest now so no judging, but I feel really ashamed that I can't taste wine like I can taste food. But when I got the chance to do a collaboration with Wines Direct, I kinda jumped at the chance. They are family run wine distributor in Ireland who know each and every one of their makers. They aren't into mass produced wine where the owner is some banker in Banksville. Instead they know the names of the grandparents, what each vine is called and the dogs that run a-muck through the vineyards. THIS is an ethos I can get behind. Knowing producers is really, really, really important to me. I created a series of food recipes to go with wines that Laura and I went through and chose. Lucky me got a little tasting and then came home to slave away to create recipes that will really work together, unexpected maybe, but work, yes!

The first wine I went for was this Tres Partes. A lovely red with a great spice running through it which only helps to accentuate my tomato chilli jam. It's a pretty good pairing (even if I do say so myself!) To get the recipe I created and to read more (Laura from Wines Direct is way better with words than I am) head here.

Wooden board and Napkin - Created and Found

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