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Roasted red pepper soup for pregnancy by food stylist Jette Virdi

Oh Autumn, with your wet beautiful leaves and your topsy turvy weather.....It's been a bit of a struggle since I got back from mamas house. I landed to go straight to a job which carried on till about 7.30pm - not the best idea for a 6month pregnant lady however we did great and the work was fab. It was late before we got to bed and then the next day was T's birthday - YAY! I then went and slipped on said Autumnal leaves and landed on my belly so went to the hospital and ended up there for about 5hours. Poor T having to spend his birthday evening in A&E. Mother guilt has already started over here! While we were so late getting home we didn't eat the birthday meal I had planned, I did get out the cake I'd made him and we had a little candle blowing sing song. So today we're all feeling a little tired, a little cranky and a lot thankful.


4 red bell peppers - cut in half and roasted with a little olive oil and seasoning

1 white or red onion chopped

1 large floret of cauliflower

handful of parsley


While the red peppers are roasting in the oven, cook and soften the onion with a little oil and pepper. Once cooked add in the cauliflower and coat with oil. Add in the red peppers, parsley and cover with stock. Bring to the boil then cook for about 10 minutes. Blitz.

This makes a lot (!) and I used half for a lasagne which I'll post later on.


This is a great, GREAT source of Vitamin C - actually 3 times as much as an orange and let's face it, in this weather we all need to keep a healthy eye on on our health and in turn Immune system. Pregnancy can give us a few knocks when it comes to our immune system so to give it any help we can is really great. Another thing that red peppers are good for are helping us to absorb Iron - which if you're preggers, you know this is really important! You've probably been told to keep you Iron levels up however do you know why? Iron is used to make blood which of course, while you're pregnant you need to make more of, because you're making it for two!

Parsley -

A simply fantastic go to for digestion and helping go to the bathroom....

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